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The East Palo Alto Center for Community Media was created in 2003. The center exists to further the vision of an East Palo Alto that is informed, connected, involved, secure and empowered. The EPA Center is committed to providing the residents of East Palo Alto and the Belle Haven section of Menlo Park with up-to-date news and information affecting their communities.

As a hub of communications, the EPA Center created three media outlets -- East Palo Alto Today, East Palo Alto's first locally produced and continuously published newspaper in 20 years; a news website and a video division -- to meet the media needs of the residents of these two communities.

The EPA Center uses video streaming and web postings to supplement its printed news coverage. By linking media sources in this way, the EPA Center delivers needed and relevant information to community residents in a focused and comprehensive way.

The media outlets that the EPA Center created currently provide community news and information to area residents in ways that no other media sources have in the past. Please browse our web site to learn more about the EPA Center, its new media outlets and some of its exciting projects.